Download Half Marathon e-book

Free Half Marathon Ebook

To celebrate the launch of the GH Training website, we thought we’d give all all runners a small gift - our half marathon ebook.

Although the full version of our running ebooks will not be ready until the summer, we are thrilled to offer all runners our (nearly) complete half marathon ebook for your running pleasure.

With even more video tutorials and injury prevention advice than ever before, our 2016 half marathon ebook is the best we’ve ever produced - and we’re proud to give it to you absolutely free.

In this free sample ebook, you can expect:

  • Comprehensive 12 week training plans for “beginner” and “Intermediate” runners.
  • Chapters including advice on training nutrition and hydration.
  • Easy to follow advice on Injury prevention / treatment.
  • Educational videos on stretching, core stability and injury prevention.

Take a look at the presentation above to give you an idea of what you can expect, then when you’re ready, simply click on the blue button above - or fill out the form below - to download our half marathon ebook.