Marathon Preparation Days

Marathon Preparation Days

Our Charity Marathon Preparation Days have been an incredible success since they were first offered in 2013.

The marathon is an incredibly demanding challenge and to prepare for it properly, runners need a lot more guidance than the information they read on a few running websites and forums.

Although the internet and books play their part in helping runners prepare for their 26.2 mile challenge, our preparation days give runners a whole new level of information.

When you consider that over 30% of runners who sign up for a marathon fail to make the start line, yet only 1% of those who start fail to finish, the importance of good preparation could not be more evident.

Our preparation days give us the opportunity to spend a day with your runners, answer their every question and give them the confidence that they can do this challenge.

Interactive, fun and highly educational, our training days typically cover the following:

  • Injury Prevention - Packed with practicals and intriguing flexibility demonstrations.
  • Training - How to plan a training schedule for your individual needs.
  • Nutrition - Invaluable advice on what, when and how to eat/drink properly to fuel the demands of training.
  • Running Practical - A gentle training run explaining the different intensities of sessions & their value to marathon preparation.
  • Race day Planning - How to prepare for the race of your life.

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Our Marathon Preparation Days are incredibly flexible, so if there is something specific you would like to do for your runners, or if you would like more information about our Cycling Preparation Days, please get in touch

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