Advanced Body Composition Analysis

What Are You Made Of.....?

Body composition analysis has traditionally been a practice used by recreational and professional athletes to measure body fat and lean muscle percentages.

In recent years however, significant advances in body scanning technology mean we now have ability to accurately measure far more body composition statistics, such as cellular and metabolic health.

As a result, the wider public are now discovering the huge health benefits that a body composition analysis can offer.

Modern scanners can now obtain a plethora of health data, including:

  • Intra and extra cellular hydration status
  • Basal & active metabolic rate
  • Phase Angle & Wellness marker
  • Lean muscle %
  • Body fat %

Gathering this much information about our internal health has up until recently, only been available at high cost in private clinics or hospitals - but times have changed.

How Healthy are you?

“Good health starts at a cellular level”

Despite all the contradiction you’ll read on what we should eat and how we should exercise for optimal health, one fact that is not disputed by any exercise or nutritional scientist is that good health begins in our cells.

If our cells are healthy, we are healthy.

If our nutrition, exercise practices and general lifestyle is well balanced and of good quality, then it’s often reflected in the health and integrity of our cells.

Many factors affect our cellular health and despite eating well and exercising regularly, the health of your cells can still be compromised.

Common factors which have a detrimental impact on the health of our cells include:

  • Nutrient and mineral deficiency
  • Regular intense exercise without adequate nutrition
  • Inadequate hydration
  • Excessive Alcohol
  • Poor sleep
  • Emotional stress

Despite making every effort to be “healthy” and ensure our cellular health is optimal, up until the availability of advanced body composition scans, it has been impossible to know how healthy our cells are.

Measuring Cellular Health

With our Advanced Body Composition Scan, we can measure the health and integrity of your cells in several ways.

  • Measuring your Phase Angle will test the health and integrity of your cell membranes.

  • Measuring the hydration status of your cells (intra-cellular water) will give clues of the quality of your diet and hydration practices.

To find out more about the incredible amount of information we can gather from a body composition scan, click on the thumbnails below or get in touch.