What will your Body Composition report tell you?

Body Composition Report

Your comprehensive health report will provide you with written and illustrated information, both on the information obtained from your most recent assessment and then compared it to previous test results.

These comparison graphs can then be used to track changes in the following values:

  • Body Composition - A two page report of both the detailed and simplified analysis of your body fat and lean muscle mass ratios.

  • Hydration report - Details of your total, intra-cellular and extra-cellular hydration status.

  • Health report - Assessment of heath status based on your results. These results are then compared to your lifestyle choices and a “what if?” scenario is then offered. Factors considered include smoking , blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes.

  • Weight loss report - Using the assessment information on your basal metabolic rate and suggested daily calorie intake, nutritional and exercise advice can be offered to help you to reduce your body fat percentage.

  • Physiology - Detailed report tracking trends for heart rate, blood pressure, , waist-hip ratio, lung function and VO2 max (where applicable)