Introducing the GH Training Injury Hub

Introducing the GH Training Injury Hub

This autumn, we’re launching one of the most exciting developments we’ve ever added to our range of running resources for marathon, half marathon and 10k Charity runners.

The GH Training Injury Hub has been produced to provide runners with two services:

  • Injury Recognition - With access to a range of highly informative and engaging videos and articles, runners can search for their symptoms and self diagnose and self treat common running injures.

  • Injury Prevention - Prevention is always better than cure and with the self assessment videos available in the hub, runners can learn how to assess themselves with their camera phone and spot common muscular imbalances that can lead to injury.

Prevention is better than cure

Runners are advised by “Dr Google” to stretch and use foam rollers to help reduce their chances of picking up injuries.

The trouble with this advice - is that runners are in the dark as to exactly which muscles THEY specifically need to stretch for their individual biomechanics.

With the self assessment video section in the Injury Hub - this problem can now been addressed at home or in the gym.

Runners can learn how to video themselves perform some very basic movements and from that, learn how to spot which muscles need from rolling, stretching and strengthening - and which ones don’t.

Exclusively available for Charitable Organisations

The Injury Hub is exclusively available for Charities and all their runners in training for 10k’s, half marathons and marathons.

With much of the content available to be shared on private Facebook groups and through email, Event Managers can share injury treatment and injury prevention advice from the hub whenever injury questions from runners arise.

With the launch of the GH Training Vlog Hub also due for release in the autumn, Charity runners training for events in 2019 have got a treasure chest of advice waiting to be discovered.

For more information how you can subscribe your Charity to the Injury Hub either use the contact form or email